Can You Count Online Blackjack?

Online blackjack is by far the most popular card game. It traces its origin from America. It requires great skills and probability theory to win a blackjack game. Blackjack is one of the most profitable games. Once you grasp its concept, you can always make good money every time you play. As you play blackjack, your main aim is to beat the dealer's hand. You have to achieve a total card number of 21 (Blackjack) or less but don't go over 21. You will also achieve a win in case you beat the dealer's hand before reaching 21. Playing online blackjack requires you to join an online casino. For NewZealand players, you can always visit to play the variation of your choice. Is playing online blackjack worthy of your time? We are going to answer that at the end of the game.


Different Variations/ Simple Rules

Playing online blackjack opens the door to different game variations available. When playing on live blackjack, you will be limited to few if not one variation. Evey online blackjack casino studio aims at coming up with a unique variation that will keep their audience entertained and glued. Progressive Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, Spanish 21, Blackjack Switch, Vegas Strip Blackjack, Classic Blackjack, Live Blackjack, European Blackjack, Pontoon, and Super Fun 21 are some of the best online blackjack variations available. The list of blackjack variations remains endless. If you play in a reputable casino, you will always find the best variations. When playing online blackjack, it is good to test different variations. You will get a lot of knowledge and at the same time get more fun. Each variation has its unique rules and strategies that you can employ to win a game.

  1. Some blackjack rules cuts across all vaiations.

The versatility of online blackjack can't be ignored. Assuming you want to play on live blackjack, it means you will have to set aside the time you are free. In case you are employed, you will only play in the late evenings or on weekends. At other times, you will need to forego your work and play. That is not a good idea. However, playing blackjack online can help you to strike a good balance between entertainment and work. If the nature of work does not demand maximum concentration, you can always take a break and play online blackjack via your phone. You can fully utilize the time you waste traveling to and from your perfect live casino to concentrate more on your game. Playing at your comfort increases the chances of winning. That is why online blackjack is popular.

Increased Privacy and Security

When playing on a live casino, there is a higher probability that you encounter different types of crimes. Cases of thugs breaking into a casino and walking away with money are not something new. That is why players prefer to visit live casinos with little cash. However, paying online is away from such crimes. No one will know the amount of cash you are wagering. You will also not come into contact with different strage people. Online blackjack gives new players that humble time to play and perfect their games. That is something you will lack when playing on live casinos. Playing and perfecting your game requires 100% concentration. When playing on live casinos, you will get various disruptions such as loud music, the smell of cigarette smoke, half-naked women, and also other players who are not playing at that time. You can always avoid such disruptions by playing online.

  • Live casinos use disruptions to make players lose more money.

Playing online blackjack opens a door to different bonuses. Since there are different casinos offering online blackjack, there is stiff competition for customers. Retaining the maximum number of players in the mission of every casino. That is why they will give players different offers. For a new player, you will always get a welcome bonus. Such a bonus will help you to have an easy time as you familiarize yourself with the blackjack variation of your choice. The seasoned players are not left out. They will always get different bonuses that make then increase their live-time at a casino. Those bonuses may be in terms of cash or free games. When playing on live blackjack casinos, you will not enjoy such bonuses. Selecting a reputable online casino to play your blackjack is the ultimate step to landing on better bonus offers.